[CKEditor.Reactive] How to change image source in CKeditor.
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Published on 07 May 2020
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I am using CKEditor in one of the forms and data is coming from REST api. By default, Image is getting stored in an entity of the CKEditor module, please see image source link below.

<p><img alt=" src="/CKEditorReactive/rest/api/Download?GUID=a38f55ea9" style="height:99px; width:685px" /></p>

How can I change this image source link and get the image data from REST api itself along with the other Rich text?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Nannu,

This change requires customization in the component, if you are going to do it, make a clone and change your clone, it is not recommended to change the original component, because if you update it again your customization will be overridden.

In the CKEditorReactive module, open the CKEditor script, you will find the uploadUrl attribute in the ckConfig object (ckConfig.uploadUrl).

See the screenshot

Note that it is the Upload action that is responsible for returning the download URL (see the REST api/upload of the component)

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Thank you Huarlem Lima.