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Can any be done on this platform, mobile etc, and when does one pay?  The cost is insane, who pays and is everything available in the free version?

What does one pay for?

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Hi Miguel,

It seems you have some very basic questions about the OutSystems Platform. If you are a potential OutSystems customer and want to know more about the product, you could start here, then read other customers' experiences here. There's a handy evaluation guide as well.

Since you posted to the Community site, there's no answers to financial questions. You can check out this page to start, and contact your local OutSystems sales office through the information here.

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i found a product that isn't insanely crazy expensive.  This system is good but you obviously forget the cost and since you are bill gates and have his wealth, glad you can afford it.  I don't need to ask you technical questions I am trying to understand your justification for gouging customer 10k per month.  You simply make it easy for what we are doing with our products.  Thanks but don't assume you know the questions brother.  My questions isn't simple.  Answer it.  WHY?

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Hi Miguel,

I think this is the same Miguel on the other topic, also complaining about the price 



Please stop the rudeness and sarcasm. If you don't like the price of this platform, there are many other low code platform that you can use.

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Honestly I don't care. I think you're a cry baby who has yet to give a rational answer for taking advantage of people.  The fact that you cry like you do just shines your guilt of taking advantage of PEOPLE.   $4/10 grand for this software is a fraud TO ME!  That isn't a hate word it's a word that describes what others to to others.

Please don't reply I don't care.  

I'll let others judge you on their own.  Maybe instead of your vitriol you can go do something to help the customer instead of talking.

GO DO SOMETHING all of you.  Lots of hate.  Stop crying it's not manly.  Goodbye I will not reply back.