Show different info based on link click


I have some items at left and when I click in a item I show a web block with the item info and the clicked link become with the class active. Now I added also another link "Section Info" when this Link is clicked it should appear the section info and not the item info and the "Section Info" should stay with the class active. But its not working. Do you know why? Context: part 1 is already working the issue is on part 2:

I created a OML with the issue.


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Hi Jake,

The first thing that I noticed that can be causing a problem is the Method of your 'Show Section Info' link:

You are using a Submit method, this will submit your page.
Since you want to just reset the info or do something else inside the same page, you should consider to use Ajax Submit.

And then on your OnChange action, place your logic like you did with the items:

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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Did the change for you, check it out in the attached .oml

What I did was basically changing the method and apply a login in the onChange to reset the info:

Let me know if you don't understand a some part of the solution and I can try to explain with more details.