Debug pointer traverse Consumer to producer modules

Actually I'm facing problem in debugging producer modules. 

Entry module is Consumer module from there, I want to traverse to producer module in debug mode.


Hi Raghavendra,

It's a bit difficult to actually traverse through all the Producer Modules, since the Platform has some quirks when doing so. However, in general, if you want to debug a Producer, you need to set it's Entry Module (on the Debug tab) to the top Consumer (regarless whether it's consumed directly). There's some caveats though:

  • Sometimes a second-level Producer doesn't have the top-level Consumer in the Entry Module list. To mitigate this, you can make a dummy reference from the top-level Consumer to the second-level Producer.
  • If you set a breakpoint in the Consumer, and you've also enabled debugging in the Producer, you can step from the Consumer into the Producer, but once inside the Producer, you often cannot go back to debugging the Consumer.
  • The above also goes for first-level to second-level Producers.

tl;dr It's a bit of a hit-and-run debugging Producers, and not always will it work like you'd expect.

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