Missing link in People in exercise of developing Web Application

In exercise 4.4 of developing web application , the link to create MovieDetail in the table of Movie was very straight forward as describe in the training material.

But , I took 4 iterations to create the same thing for PersonDetail with the table in People entity.

The system always gave error while linking destination with Mainflow\PersonDetail

It always gave error  for  associating with PersonId.

Finally , I managed to  give value to PersonId=


It looks like something is missing in the document.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for reaching out.

When you select the option Link to MainFlow\PersonDetail Web Screen as the document indicates, and as seen in the picture, the PersonId value is automatically assigned. It is an accelerator that Service Studio provides you.

I suspect that you used the Link To option immediately below. In that case, you only create the Link to the Screen you select. Then, if that Screen has mandatory input parameters, we need to manually assign a value to them.  The option in the document does all of that for you.

Hope this helps clarifying the problem you faced.


Thank you @Jorge Costa for your reply .

The link that you have shown in the image attached with the "MainFlow\PersonDetail "  , did not appear for me and that created whole problem. Had it appeared like in the Movie , it would have been much easier. 

Not sure what had happened . I had to select manually to make it work.

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