OpenId implementation

I have my authorization details, client ID, scopes.

I want to authorize with my personal authorization services.

Can I set details and It will open my common url?

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Can you expline more details about you want, or share some images for we understand better?

Best regards.

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I just want to implement Open ID connection with OKTA from scratch application, can you explain how to use Okta SSO with OpenID Connect in normal reactive application? 

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Hi Bhavik,

you can try follow this steps, in this document.

But if yout issue is about this component, I advise you to put the TAG of the component at the beginning of the POST.


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Hi Agno,

I want to use Open ID Connect, This is SAML 2.0

I have below details for my OKTA,

  • authorization-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default/v1/authorize
  • token-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default/v1/token
  • user-info-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default/v1/userinfo
  • issuer-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default
  • provider=okta
  • client-id=*******************
  • authorization-grant-type=implicit
  • redirect-uri=http://*********.com
  • scope=openid,profile,email,fullname,userDetail,Roles
  • response-type=token id_token
  • post-logout-redirect-uri=http://*********.com
  • revoke-endpoint-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default/v1/revoke
  • end-session-endpoint-uri=https://dev-******.oktapreview.com/oauth2/default/v1/logout