Clipped message in an empty email

Hello guys,

I need help with sending cut email, I've read several posts ( e.g: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/52688/content-is-clipped-in-email/) where they say the message must be less than 102Kb.

However I did a test with a completely empty email the size is always above 300Kb.
What am I doing wrong, so that my emails, even without content, get so big.

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Hi Douglas,

It can be the flow that the email is inserted in. The emails must be in a separate flow with a separate theme, otherwise, the entire content of the theme will be added to the email.

For example, use the Email Theme from OutSystems UI for the flow of your emails as in the image below:

I hope I have helped, if there is still doubt, let me know.