How to display variabel into input?

i am trying to display an variable into input item that read-only. ( i set the enable to false, Correct if i am wrong)

i try to change the variable value on button click but id doesn't appear to the input item

this is my layout 

did i make it wrong?


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Hi Crist Joenathan ,

set your value like this example:


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it still not showing anything when i publish, the purpose i ask this to show the result from the calculation for each conversion, but for now i'm only want to know how to display the variabel to the input

at the second input it doesn't show any number that i assign to the variable

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Check this sample oml

Maybe the reason is that your input type is number, and you are assigning a 0.


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Hi Crist,

Your assign should look like this:

There is no need to put the name of the variable followed by equal sign.

Also, if you let the value as 0, nothing will appear, as your Input type is number, and it understand 0 value is null.

If you want the 0 to appear, maybe you can try to change the input type to text.

Cheers and Regards