How to implement Total of SumAmount + TAX = Cumulative
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Hi  Software Engineers,

I have many  attributes which is various prices columns in table records and I achieved SalesTotalAmount  Column with addition of new Attribute (adding various prices ).Can I  add as a user input (Tax) and Cumulative (dynamically calculate ) ? 

Dynamical place is SalesAmount and Cumulative. For that, I need to logic and how to implement  SalesAmount + Tax = Cumulative and next is the addition of previous cumulative .

For example:

SalesAmount          Tax              Cumulative 

16798                       1678             18476

30634                       5478              54588

27904                       2345             84837

Adding of various item is SaleAmount (Auto Calculate) and Cumulative is adding of SalesAmount and Tax . And want to desire in Cumulative with addition of previous Cumulative Amount . I want to share oml and check from there . 

Thanks.Hoping desire  result.



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Hi Hayasaka,

In order to do that, you need to:

1. Create a variable that will hold the cumulative value to sum between line to line:

2. Add a new field to the table, in my example, I will also call it Cumulative:

3. After the query, you start adding the cumulative to each given row and assigning it to the field:

You can the OML in attachment for screen KisarazuListR2_10.

Hope it helps.



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Hi Joao Marques,

I achieved according to your way. Your Explanation was really perfect. Always Thanks.


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Hi Hayasaka, 

Great to see that you got solution from Joao faster. I saw your question now. 

Sorry for being late.

Happy coding :) 

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Hi Shweta Gedam, 

whatever I want to thank due to solve my different problems before.

I have to try more.