Communication error when connecting to environment


I am connected to the Internet and also to a VPN.

When I log into PC Desktop, I can connect without problems.

From the moment I try to access it through my laptop. I have this situation:

Does anyone have a solution?

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Hi Danilo, 

This has also happened to me and I have already reported internally.  In my case, trying again sometimes works, sometimes you need to restart Service Studio. 

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Hi, Danilo, I am using the Beta

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Hi Danilo, 

Check if the version on your PC is the same as the laptop, if is different install the same version as the PC, or reinstall the Service Studio.

Best regards

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On my desktop I use Windows 10 and on my laptop I use Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have always used Windows 7 to work with local projects.

But I will make this modification to do more tests. If it works, let everyone know here.

If you have any more suggestions.


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I installed the same Service Studio 11.9.1 version of the desktop which works fine. The problem persists.

I have two IP addresses. One to access the QA environment and one to access the DEV environment.

I get access to Service Studio using the QA address. But when I use the DEV IP address, this error happens.

What I find strange is that on my Desktop computer, both addresses work well.

An important detail: When I perform the PING at the CMD at the address I cannot access Service Studio. The address responds well, without packet loss.

What has already been done:

I uninstalled and installed Service Studio.

I installed versions 11.9.0, 11.9.1 and 11.9.2.

I updated the Windows 7 Service Pack and Framework.

I disabled firewall.

I put permission on the firewall for VPN and OutSystems.

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Hello Danilo, 

Try to update to version 11.10.0 and see if your problem is solved.


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Hello Danilo,

You can also check and make sure that your laptop is included in the whitelist (allowed) to access that address

Hello Danilo,

Please check domain/IP address binding in IIS.


Shashikant Shukla