email notification with a PDF attachment
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Traditional Web
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11.9.1 (Build 20359)

Hi Team,

I have  a traditional web screen with some content and I need to export the content as PDF document and then email the PDF document as an attachment.

step1. Generate PDF document , (once the pdf file is generated where we have to save this file so that it will picked by the email notification service).

step2. Once the PDF file is generated, we have to pick up the PDF file and attach it with the email and send to the mail recipients.

Please help me with an example implementation or any documentation. Thanks in advance.




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Hi Madhu,

You already have same post , please avoid posting the duplicate issues . 



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@Madhu Sudhan ,

This component will help you in achieving the same. Html2PdfConverter

You will have to do some configurations before using the component. The administration page should have all the necessary instructions.

Hope this helps.


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@Madhu Sudhan  Is it possible for you to share the oml? Looks like an access issue.


Are you using a personal environment? 

If so , verify if the "Write binaries to Running Dir" is selected.  

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@Madhu Sudhan, Could you confirm if you are able to access this page anonymously (without logging in) from your browser?

This component essentially executes the following command programmatically,

And prints out whatever html content the URL returns.

The fact that you are able to download a pdf file successfully means that you have configured it properly. Just make sure if your page is accessible from the browser anonymously.

Hope this helps.


That's it, I have forgotten that the page that is being passed PDF must be authorized to the role "anonymous"