NewBie something doesn’t seem right.

NewBie something doesn’t seem right.

Following tutorials to get the hang of things:

Ok, I create a table_records, place my entity, set properties.  That all works, I publish, view records, everything very cool.

Now the trouble the starts:

I enclose the table_records widget in a container.
Then I place list_navigation to the right of the table_records widget.
Next step is to modify the RefreshTable action.
The problem is I don’t have a table refresh action, am I supposed to create this action.
Hi Nicholas, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums!

What version are you using, and what tutorial are you following, so we can understand what we're not explaining clearly?

If you're using the OutSystems Community Edition, the Refresh Table action should be a Screen Action that should exist in the screen you're editing, in the eSpace for the tutorial which you are following.

If you're creating an eSpace from scratch, then that action doesn't exist. It should be a screen action that should be called in the OnNotify event of the ListNavigation widget, and should have at least an Ajax Refresh node in the action flow. See the following screenshot, hopefully it'll help you understand what I'm talking about.

Please do tell us what tutorial you're following, though, so we can improve it, and let us know if this solves your problem, or if you have further questions!


Paulo Tavares
Hi Nicholas,

You are talking about the Paging and Sorting Tutorial, right?
Make sure you drag exactly to where the arrow is pointing.

1. Drag exactly to where the arrow is pointing...

2. And you'll get a screen like this.

Afterwards you'll use Ajax Refresh to refresh this container (TableContainer) around the Table_Records widget and the List_Navigation widget.
We're working on these tutorials to make sure they are easier to follow for first users.

Tiago Simões
I’m using Service Studio

You’re correct I’m currently working through Paging & Sorting. 

When I insert the List_Navigation widget should the RefreshTable action be created automatically? 

When I right click to add an action it creates the OnNotify action but no RefreshTable.
Hi Nicholas,

The action is not created automatically. In that OnNotify action you need to do a Refresh Query to run the query in preparation and do an Ajax Refresh to refresh a container that includes both the TableRecords widget and the List_Navigation block.

Tiago Simões