I am wondering if there is some kind of tooling that will "scrape" all screens aka webpages into a pdf or so, so you can easily compare screens for consistency.
Now I "visit" each page manually and make a screenshot. This is pretty intensive and boring, so some kind of tooling would be nice :)

Anyone know such a tool? :)
Hi Joost,

I'm assuming you are talking about runtime screens, right?

At one time in the distant past, I used an open source program called HTTrack, which would follow all links in a website, and save the pages offline in a single folder, if I recall correctly.

If this still works, I am assuming you could try to run it on your web application, and then generate a PDF from all the HTML files...

If that seems too complex - and I guess it is - you could also write a small eSpace that, together with the HTTPRequestHandler extension would get all the webpages you want, and render them in a single webpage, maybe inside IFRAMES?

Asides from these options, I haven't really used anything of the kind, sorry.


Paulo Tavares
Yes I am talking about runtime screens.

I will look into the suggested options.