way to jump to a specific location in a page or table/list row?

I am looking for a way to trigger the page to jump to a specific location in the page - this is mainly for react but would like something in traditional web as well.  I would want to be able to specify either a container or a row on a table.

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Hi Jason,

For mobile / reactive, you can use the ScrollToElement action from OutSystemsUI:

On scrolling to a list, this post explains step by step on how to do it.

On Traditional Web, you would have to call the same Javascript behind that OutSystems UI action (you can clone and see how it is done and adapt to Traditional Web using the RunJavascript action).


Only issue for this - if you have a container which isn't currently visible (its being made visible by setting a variable in the current client action) it seems like it works but it throws an error.  What I ended up doing was putting a 1px high container at the top of each area that I might want to jump to.  This seems to work but also seems like it would make jumping to a specific row not feasible without throwing that error.