Working with IE8 and with the zoom at 105% or 120% the feedback message doesnt fit in the div.

Hi Hugo.

Thank you very much for your post, and for reporting this issue.

Even though it is a browser rendering issue, since sometimes the relative dimensions when scaled don't add up, it is important for us to be aware of it and possibly fix it.

I have forwarded this bug to our engineering team.

Thank you.


Paulo Tavares
The same problem occurs in IE9.

Thank You
It's best to just avoid feedbacks widgets in Popups.

Try and use the Validation features for that.
Those are a better approach for popup windows.
The problem its not because of popup, if i use the feedback in a normal window the problem its the same, like Paulo told its a browser rendering issue. Will be nice to have Growl Feedbacks for 5.1 to test if has the same problem.

You could try to contact António Chinita perhaps he has a version ported to 5.1

Any news about this issue?
Yes; you'd better show the popup on the main screen (remove the widget from the popup screen)
In the above case it's actually a validation on an attribute so a refresh of the screen and setting the validation error would be the mostly liked approach.
Besides that make sure you set the Auto_Resize flag on the calling Popup_Editor widget.