Mobile Analytics in Lifetime


Lifetime Analytics was a big help in monitoring the performance of our apps in production. It states all the screens that have low APDEX scores and queries that are taking up hits in the server. 

We also have a mobile app but unfortunately, the screens, actions, queries inside it isn't getting populated in Lifetime Analytics. 

Is there any kind of way wherein we can get analytics for mobile even not in Lifetime Analytics.




Hello Kyle,

Unfortunately, lifetime analytics does not provide any performance reports for mobile applications but what you can do is access and generate logs from Service Center and analyze from there.

There's an analytics tab in Service Center that should be good enough if you generate reports such as "Daily Activity", "Screen Performance" or "Queries Performances". These reports should be good to cover what you wish to analyze. It may not return back any application index scores but it can provide you the insight you need to be able to assess your applications further.

I have attached a screenshot for you and if you're unable to see that tab, try reaching out to the environment or platform admin.


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Hi all,

If you want information like Lifetime Analytics exposes, but in their raw format for Mobile applications, although for now, just to Server side of the application, you can use:

Finally if you want go beyond Excel, you might want to check what is possible with 3rd party monitoring tools like Elastic. For more info check:

Hope it helps.