Active Directory end user authentication - how to set role before user login?

Halo All,

Recently, i am create a new application and login by using the Active Directory end user authentication.

I already active it, can be login without any error. But i notice first time login, the outsystem user table only store the user login id. Then i can only assign the role for the login. If the user never login thu AD, then it won't appear in the OutSystems USER table. Then I can't assign the role for the user.

My question is, how can i assign the role for the user id before store in OutSystems USER Table?

method 1) Is it i can export it the user list from AD table and import to OutSystems user table? then i assign the role for the user instead of waiting they first time login? that time might be too late because when they login, they want to use the screen. But before assign them the role, they can't access the screen which design for them.

method 2) Set the condition, if user aaa, user bbb, user ccc when first time login, then will assign role for this aaa bbb ccc user? then the user able to use the screen immediate, doesn't need to wait for me to assign.

method 3) i have to wait the user first time login, then i only manually assign the role to the user one by one?

Thank you

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Hi jing tung wong

I think you have the solution already , both the methods you mentioned will work.

We used to follow one approach where we used to run on timer for AD Sync and the code of timer used to get all users from AD and create/update the users in User table. We are also assigning some roles based on the what group is assigned to him in AD (some mapping between AD groups and OS Roles).

You can run the timer any time you want to sync and also can execute it from some Backoffice application to sync .