Search for actions

Search for actions


How do I find all actions of a certain type?
For example, I need to check if all Ajax-refresh actions have the same refresh-animation.
I tried with the normal find, but I failed to get a result.

Anything I missed?

Hi Joost,

Sorry to say, you haven't missed anything. There is currently no way to search for a node of the same kind.

Is this something that you regularly run into, or was it this particular scenario that made you bump into this need?

Regards, and have a great weekend!

Paulo Tavares

sorry for the late reply.

Well, in a perfect world every developer will do the same, so the whole application is consistent in look and feel.
But as you know, it's not a perfect world :)

To make the application as consistent as possible I need to compare lots of stuff.

screens (like in the other posts, manually)
labels (search/replace)
ajax-refresh(very hardcore manually)
cell spacing, paddings, styling

so, yes, it should regularly to check the consistency of look&feel.

Have you tried to use the OutDoc API to do that?

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Nope, will check it out if it's a feasible workaround

Update, nope, will not provide the stuff I need. (It does give me some other stuff I was looking for.....grmbl)