What costs more SU's? Inline Ifs or several ifs + assigns?

What costs more SU's? Inline Ifs or several ifs + assigns?

The question is pretty much the topic.

What does cost more SUs ? Inline ifs or several ifs + assigns?

Does it have the same SU Cost?

My guess is not...Am i right?

For Code perception, the visual IF is probably the best option, but when one has to think SUs, i guess code perception goes to "next version backlog"

Is This SUs marketing schema going to last forever?

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Diogo Cordovil S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo

There is no straight-forward answer to that question. The table used to calculate software units is public - you can check in here: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Software-units   

So basically using an IF widget in an action flow, or an expression, costs 2 software units. An assignment in an assign node is also 2 software units. But then it depends on what you do after the IF.

Also, from a pure design perspective, it is not clear that always using the IF widget will be clearer or more legible. IF widgets visually denote a path choice, and expression IFs will denote a conditional use of a value. For just one or 2 IFs, visual IFs might be better, but if you put 10 IFs in a row and use them only for assigns, it will probably be better to use the expression IF.

And as for costs, you can always buy / use more SUs. From a payment point of view, looking at the public pricing rates, in an eSpace with 500 IFs, the difference between using a visual IF and 2 assignments vs an inline IF will be of 2000 SU (typical pattern). That is about 30 euros per year in a basic edition, or 80 euros in a professional edition. In situations where visual IFs should be used, I am pretty sure that the added readability will save MUCH, MUCH more than that in application maintenance and design time...

Thank you Acacio for your answer.

I'm using the ifs to choose an argument for an user action, so i guess i'll stick to it.

As for charging both inline and visual IF the same SUs...well, i don't actually agree with it, even if it is such a low price as 2 SUs. What's the added value of an inline If comparing to that if inside the code?

As for the pricing, if one sees the annual payment fees, i guess it might be justifiable to spend more 30 euros
 or 80 euros if one talks about 500 ifs and 2000 SUs, and it could even be easy to justify that increment to the finance department...

The question is : If one wants to upgrade SUs you don't by it by SU but by 100.000 SUs, which in a professional edition cost 800€/month, if i understand the tables are right...

Well this would go more into a marketing/SU sales debate....

The thing is that if it might be easier to justify an increment if one has an yearly subscription, it is not so easy if it is a perpetual one...

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro