User Module role Documentation

Hi All,

I need the list of roles and the description of the User module's role. For example, UserManager, SuperUser, Feedback manager, etc. Do we have any documentation of what each of these roles' privileges is? 

P.S: Not application roles. But OutSystems built User module roles. The Roles table in the DB is not helpful. I need more clear documentation. 


Abirami Srinivasan

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Hi Abira,

UsersManager - This role is used to manage the users and role assignment. If an user has this role, then that user can Create/Edit/Delete users, reset password and assign/revoke the roles.

SuperUser: It's the super user role which by default will have all the roles of the user module. There is a site property which can be set to False if you dont want the roles to be automatically assigned to this role.



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Hi Abirami,

I agree that the User modules' (https://<your-environment>/Users) roles are not very well described or documented. Here, I try my best to provide the description of the user roles as asked.

UserManager: It is a role who gives privileges for the end-users to call the actions to create, update, and delete groups and to create, and update users and to assign, revoke the roles. It is a User "manager", so all kind of user managements task.

SuperUser: As the name suggests, it is a user role who inherits all the roles of the user module. Take it literally by name "Super" user.

FeedbackManager: When you enable user feedback for your apps, the App Feedback application collects all the feedback your users send for each app. Only the users in your Users module who has Administrator or FeedbackManager permissions can see a list of all the feedback submitted by users.