Who else doesn't want to go back to Traditional Web

Hi Guys,

I've been working with reactive + mobile for the past year and it's awesome. The only Con for me is I never want to go back to Traditional again :D

I find it so much more flexible, and for me what I like the most is the possibilities for interact with Javascript.

And you, how do you see Reactive ?

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Hi Pedro,

Actually i am new and i have spend same time with both side. I have same view that you have put up.

Really reactive is flexible, user friendly and have ability from mobile to desktop view

Yes Pedro, Reactive is the future!
But the differences between Traditional Web and Reactive are big enough to lead me to think that a conversion made automatically would broke a lot of things which, in turn, required some man power to fix, that is problem for the companies in terms of time and money and the result would probably be the rejection to upgrade the platform version and a pressure on OutSystems to maintain the support to older versions.

So I think we will have to maintain some Traditional Web apps for a while. Be brave Pedro

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Hi Pedro,

This is a revolution and a great way of developing applications to understand how users delight with smooth transitions and fast response times .

I still love the Traditional Web as I started with it but love to keep myself updated ...doing lots of reactive app and enjoying it.



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Hi Pedro,

I agree with you, Reactive is the future.

However I think that may be some use cases that still rely in Traditional way.

There is a very nice tech note about the main differences between the two types, and also a migration guide to migrate a traditional web app to a reactive one if needed.

Check this out here.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)