Gartner publishes 2010 Magic Quadrant for BPM Suites

Gartner publishes 2010 Magic Quadrant for BPM Suites

Gartner has recently published its 2010 Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites.

This analysis has some inclusion criteria, which ended up including only 25 vendors from more than 60, where OutSystems is not being included (we're not offering a pure  BPM suite... I personally see BPT as the human layer on top of an OutSystems application)

I also found interesting that they mention as one of the top 4 major user scenarios when using a BPM suite is actually the 
  • Implementation of an Industry-Specific or Company-Specific Process Solution: The business (supported by the IT organization) tends to buy a BPMS to improve business performance through broader and better coordination of a specific mission-critical process. This process is often unique to the industry or to the differentiation of the enterprise. As such, it is not commercially available. Furthermore, the business seeks a rapid implementation of the new application — ideally, built as an extension and unification of established applications and data. The end result is a composite application reflecting the end-to-end process view, not just an integration of data and transactions.

This really goes in line with our first "napkin concept". Everything that allows a business to have more capabilities, faster, smarter, through IT ends up being a big differentiator on the business perspective. It can actually bring IT from being the "cost center" to an "innovation partner" inside the company. BPM suites target one sweet spot. As I see it, the OutSystems covers this and a few others.

Use it wisely to provide the correct business capabilities and drive innovation in your company. That's the main target after all.

Gonçalo Borrêga