Reactive Web forms course - Incorrect voice over and caption content

Hi Outsystems,

Happy to see that the community is growing faster and faster and has great learning materials available to prepare for the certifications.

Here i have shared my feedback for one of the course.

I was going through the Becoming a Reactive Web DeveloperBuilding Reactive Web Forms course from guided paths and while watching the video i observed that for the Checkbox and Switch slide the voice over is saying 'There are also widgets to represent binary options, such as yes or no, true or false. where it should be 'Boolean' instead of binary and caption content is also representing the same. It might lead to wrong learning for any new beginner or who is going to take the certification via this course.

I have shared a screenshot for reference.

Hoping for positive response, Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks for alerting us to this, Shweta! I've let the training team know, and should get a response here soon. Thanks!

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That would be great, Thanks Jennifer.

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Hi Shweta,

I disagree. "binary" in English just means "having two possible choices". It's a binary option, there's two choices, and the course gives examples like yes/no and true/false. But it could also be morning/evening or fast/slow or easy/difficult, whatever. A boolean is a data type used to represent such a binary choice. There's functionally no such thing as a "boolean option", though you could call a binary option that's represent by a boolean in your code a "boolean option". But I think the video is correct.

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Hi Kellan,

I agree with your comment also but as you said it can definitely create confusion if there is something like binary options (like morning/evening etc ).  It would be better if there is something like 'There are also widgets to represent binary options  of boolean type, such as yes or no, true or false. '.

This way it will make clear to a learner that using checkboxes and switches we can represent two options of type boolean.


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Yes, it can be made clearer. But I'd opt for "There are also widgets to represent binary options, such as yes or no, true or false. In code, we represent such options with a variable of Boolean type.Or something like that.

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I think your are both correct :)

Binary is perceived as a two option as you said, but it can be misleading. I've updated the video with your suggestions. Hopefully it will be a bit more clear.

Thank you for the feedback