Consume Rest API


I am trying to consume rest services.The document said that if I consume rest than it will automatically create the screen but its not happening.I am using a different API not the one that is mentioned int the documents.The documents say that it will have a Preparation under the contacts but in my case the mainflow is totally empty.When I try to create the screen myself and then I call my consume rest in the flow it asks for the headers values AuthUser,AuthPassword,Database but I am not able to put the direct value in the expression editor.

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Hi Kaushal,

Can you share the link of the documentation you are referring to?

From your screen, you are developing a Reactive application and applications of that type don't have Preparation, only the Traditional Web do.

For you to insert hardcode text, you need to use "", so in your case "kaushals".


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I agree with João. The documentation that you are following seems to be a Reactive application documentation (which no longer requires a preparation). 

For the question about the Expression, you should be able to put quotes around the values for it to work.

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