React Web Neubie question related to Record Lists
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.0 (Build 34712)

Hi guys quick question realted with Record list.

In trandition web when you want to list a variable or an sql doesn't matter what is the source, you can use either the table record or the list record. the list record is extremely versatile because allow you to create all the styles manualy for each record listed while the table record is a bit more rigid and have table tr td in the html.

i am a bit unexperienced in react and i am trying to create a dinamic menu and want to use a list record or some widge like that that give me the versatility create all the styles as i want for each record of the menu but i can only find the table widget and the list widget and both of them already have a rigid structure.

Am i missing something? can someone give some tips.




After some testings with the widget i found out that the component that you add inside the list widget (in the tutorials is allways the list item) can be anything. So if i add a div as a child component it will replicate everything inside that div for each value of the source list.

So with this can be considered equal to the list record of traditional web.

I am sorry for asking a newbish question.