Users & Pricing: A "Community" Website

Users & Pricing: A "Community" Website

If I want to build a portal (similar to this Forum) and have a goal of 100K or more registered people .... the additional user pricing seems astronomical.

Am I missing something?

Hi John, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Thank you for your interest on our pricing. Indeed, if you read our pricing page, you will soon run into that obstacle. Our pricing is tailored to enterprise web applications, where the number of users is proportional to the value that our customers are deriving from the applications.

However, we are also aware that there is an interest in building and deploying public portals and websites using the OutSystems Agile Platform, and even though we do not have it in our pricing page, to avoid confusing people, we do have pricing models that accomodate for such needs and requirements.

If you would like to know more about it, I would suggest sending me a private message, explaining what you are looking for and I can get you in touch with someone who can better understand how we can help you.

In the meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the Agile Platform, I encourage you to visit our Product Tour page, and to download the free Community Edition to try it out for yourself.


Paulo Tavares
thanks for the quick reply. i'll send a separate message to you to follow-up...