How do you adjust a label on highchart?

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure how this happened, but apparently, the last graph on my highchart seems to be misaligned.

I tried fixing and adjusting the margin/padding, but still, it doesn't move. How can I align this one in the center?

Highcharts seems to be tricky in adjusting its design.

Thank you!

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Hi Ian,

Could you please share a sample oml or just a link for this scenario so that we can check and come up with solution?

Thank you.

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Hi Ian,

this does not really look like a problem of aligning the label in the center of the bar, but rather that the bottom part of the bar is not visible.  Look at the hight of the bottom bar compared to others.

You have a little of the same on the top bar as well, but less visible, but you can see there is less blue space above the 135 than above the 61.

Both the top and bottom bar are cut off, it seems like.