Can I edit pdf through the outsystem?
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I asked a similar question a few days ago, but my presentation was not very clear at that time, so maybe I did not correctly describe my question.

Now that I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish, I want to be able to upload a PDF as a template, create my own input interface, and let users fill in the information in the screen and import it into the template.

I have hand-drawn the input page and output PDF screen before, but this does not guarantee that the output PDF is consistent with the original PDF format, so I would like to know whether I can modify the PDF operation through OUTSYSTEM.

At the same time, I tried PDFSharp, but the PDF we used was encrypted, which meant that I could not read it. Therefore, I have an idea to convert the PDF into image in screen and import the input parameters stored in the input page by expression. Is this possible? Which plug-in should I start with if I can implement it?

Thank you very much for your patience in reading.

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Hi Ziqi,

OutSystems does not have any native PDF capabilities, so everything needs to be done via Forge components. As far as I'm aware, PDFSharp is the only component that supports filling in forms. If it doesn't read encrypted PDFs, why do you need to encrypt a PDF that's not yet filled in? Can't you use an unencrypted one?