Disable expandable rows for phone in Outsystems UI version 11
Service Studio Version
11.10.1 (Build 35287)
Platform Version
11.10.1 (Build 23852)

Hi ,

For phone view I don't want the expandable property to be enabled. It's mandatory to either select Entities.ResponsiveTableRecords.ExpandableRows or Entities.ResponsiveTableRecords.ScrollabeRows. HOw to apply No responsive style to this property.

The older version outsystems 10 had the class noresponse applied for the table record and as shown in the screen shot the expandable list is disabled. 

After replacing this with Outsystems UI, on click of down arrow the row is expanding.

Thanks and Regards,

Ramya Somashekaraiah

Rank: #595

Which specific widget are you using? is it the accordion?