Logging necesairly in Demo Web browser
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Hi All, 

I just finished watching demo How To Create a Reactive Web App (Intro to OutSystems Development/Introducing OutSystems Apps). When i tried to run my app, browser is opening login page.. Could someone help?


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Hello Michal,

Hope you're doing well.

That is happening because your HelloScreen does not have the Anonymous Role

Therefore, it leads your app to a Login page where you should execute login. If you want to bypass this only for testing reasons, you may tick that Anonymous role in the screen and test it again. It seems to be the case, since it is a demo.

For future reference, please be aware that if you tick the Anonymous role, everyone will be able to access that screen using that URL.

In a robust and secure application, users usually have to pass through a login process. That's why that Anonymous role shouldn't be ticket. The Registered role means that only users that are logged in may access that screen.

In your scenario, if you want to access that screen as a Registered user, you would need to create a user in your Users Application:


And you should be able to login in the app using that created user. If you already have an user, you may try with that user :)

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Hi Michal,

Did you manage to do it? :)

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Yes, thanks again for your answer. Your post was very helpfull.