Encryptng string

I have a requirement where I need to pass encrypted string across into an API from Outsystems. Conveniently, I'm also able to dictate the method of decryption, os I'm not wed to one specific structure.

The issue I'm facing is decrypting at the other end. I've tried using CryptoAPI where I can generate an encrypted string, I then pass that across the API, and on the other side cannot decode. The API is Python based - any idea how I can decode the string there?

My assumption is I generate a key from password on Outsystem side, encrypt, pass over to python, generate key with the same password there, decrypt. Et voila..

However, it's not working & just returning an empty string.

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Hi Steve,

Your question has not that much to do with OutSystems I think. It seems Python is not compatible with the OutSystems encryption, or something else goes wrong there, but this is not a Python forum.