Unable to publish application

Unable to publish application

# Myself new to Service Studio, apology for trival question.

After installing when i created a sample application as per the demo and clicked on publish button; its not able to contact my server. I am using Win2K8 Srv Enterprise, IIS7 and SQL 2K8

Using browser i can get to my web server; when id did ipconfig i saw its using IPV6 address on. I try to login as Administrator when publish box displays login box.

Any help guide appreciated.

Hi Pal P, and welcome to the OutSystems forums.

From your problem description alone, it would seem a bit vague for us to troubleshoot exactly what is happening.

One thing, though: you're usingWin2k8 Server - would you, per chance, have other applications, non-OutSystems, running in the same server? Or is it a clean setup, and you installed the Agile Platform in it?

One way to test it is to open your browser and try to open the following URL: http://localhost/servicecenter .

If that works, then check if the OutSystems services are running - namely:

- OutSystems Deployment Controller
- OutSystems Deployment Service
- OutSystems Log Service

as well as the IIS and w3svc services. Those should suffice.

Then retry publishing the application.

[Edit] One other thing I'll recommend is for you to try following the Agile Platform Install Checklist and see if it fixes your problems.

If not, I'll suggest you contact our support at support@outsystems.com , and explain the issue, since they'll probably be better at troubleshooting your specific scenario.

Let us know if you managed to install the platform afterwards.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares