webblock retain values of input parameter
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I have two webblock , one is parent and another is child.

Parent has input parameter which is passing to listrecord and this listrecord passing to child webblock.

When I notify some values from child value and need to update value in parameter , for first load i can see that value but when we are cming to second time then I can see old value in parent value. I want to change old value to new one

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Hello Vivek, 

I couldn't understand your problem, can you provide screenshots, gif, video?

If you can replicate the problem in a test module to attach here it would be very useful.

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Hi Vivek,

On your parent webblock, you might have a handler that is receiving the value from your child webblock event? if this is correct then are you assigning the new value to the same parameter which is coming from your child? or where you are storing that value because you want to reset the value which you are passing to your child webblock?

I know you can't share the code or screenshot of your logic but I think if you debug your code you can easily identify what value you are passing from child to parent and whether that value is being used to reassign back to the input parameter.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla

Hi Vivek,

Attached is the sample oml file as per your scenario on how i  understood.

Hope this helps you !!




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Hi Vevek,

I think you are missing some refresh there to get the latest value reflected in the webblock . You might need to refresh the link\webblock after assigning the new value .



Hello Vivek,

Your parent block is not getting refresh because your handler is not getting triggered in child block. 

One quick solution will be triggering your event on OnInitilization action so that it can call even when you return from another page.