Can't Publish Because Database data errors and Can't fix because it won't publish

This is extremely frustrating. I somehow got myself into a situation where using sql deletes it created bad data and I can't fix it.

I can't publish because of this error:

But I can't delete the data to fix the error because of this 

I tried using forge tools but sql sandbox gave me this error

and DbCleaner wouldn't let me go to the database view

This is absurd. I could delete everything and remake it but it would kill my references. How do I just delete the data?

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The Alter and drop won't work because you do not have schema edit permissions on the database on Outsystems PaaS or personal environments.

Most likely the problem is that you have a identity link between an entity being created or modified and the entity that you deleted data from and the one being modified has values pointing to what was in the deleted one. This means that when attempting to apply the foreign key constraints it can't. You might be able to get around it by changing all the "Delete rules" of any reference links to Ignore. Then publish and find the offending data records and delete them.

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HI  Josh Valentine

I hope you doing well. As Jeanene Williams said you need to chage the foreign key constraints.

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