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I want to use the POST api.So I added the screen then I added the local variable and the I added the form widget container.I properties of form it does not show me the Source record.What I am doing wrong?

I am not getting the option of form.record to sent in the request.

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Hi @Kaushal Sharma,

The Form widget in a Reactive Application does not have the Record runtime property, you will have to create a local variable on your screen and bind its attributes to the inputs placed inside the form widget.

Hope this helps!

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I added the local variable.But when I use the run server action and add the rest api.In the request section how do I send the form input fields in one go.It does not show me the option form.record as suggested in the documentation.


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I would assume documentation is using Traditional Web. For Reactive you just use the variable that you created directly (I'm assuming that would be Part in this case, instead of Form.Record)