[Android Permissions Plugin] AndroidPermissions | Cordova Unavailable
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11.10.0 (Build 34711)


I am using Location Plugin in this Mobile Android Based Module but since it doesn't ask for Phone Location I had to download Android Permissions Plugin to do so.

However, whenever I try to web emulate my application I get the following error when debugging:

And here's the flow:

However, Cordova seems to be available, as shown below:

What might be causing this issue? Could someone please help me figure it out?

Thanks in advance,


Hi guys,

I did some additional research and it appears that Cordova doesn't work when you are emulating a phone screen on web.

So I republished once more and redownloaded the application into my Android Phone and it worked!

Hope this helps someone,


Hi Juan,

Just as a tip: you can use Android Studio to run a Virtual Device on your computer. There cordova will be defined so you can test things out before pushing new apk's to your device.


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