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Hi there,

I'm facing with 2 issues in my module, that I don't understand why...probably every simple solution but I'm stucked here :\

  • in my .oml, inside "AddRubrica", I have 2 save actions: SaveRubGeral (that is working correctly - I think) and SaveRubOrcamental. This last one, that is a copy of SaveRubGeral (with different sources) don't save the values of external attributes (DepartamentoId and RubricaGeralId) correctly. I don't know how/were i'm doing wrong 
  • Also in "AddRubrica" screen, when I want to add a "Rubrica Orçamental" associated to a "Rubrica Geral" (that is associated to a "Departamento", in form 1, the code of "Rubrica Geral don't change after I change the label on dropbox. How can I update these values?

Thank you in advance and sorry for this beginner questions :\

João Ferreira


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Hi João,

Ok, so to answer your need, I created a query that gets the details of rubrica geral based on a variable.

Now, on the action binded to the change of the dropdown, 1. update the value of the variable created above and refresh the query to get the new code and then assign to the variable you want to update on the screen:

The OML follows in attachment so you can look at it with more detail.

Kind regards,


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Hi João,

Looking into your oml, one straight foward issue i found was the variable assigned in your dropdown for the departments. You are assigning a value, and then on the OnChange you are refreshing this exacly same aggregate, and because of that you are losing your value.

Change that variable assigned on the dropdown to your "DepartamentoId", and remove the assign above that query refresh on the OnChange. That should be enough to fix your current issues.

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Thank you for your response Romero. In fact, that was not on my mind :\ 

I changed it and now it's working correctly.

Regarding the 2nd issue, any ideia?