[TestFramework] Easy way to switch/copy tests to another environment?
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Published on 20 Jan 2021
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I am trying to run test suite, which is configured for dev environment, on another environment, which we set up for this purpose. I was looking for relatively easy way which would let me reuse dev configuration when creating cases for the new URL (inside of the same Test framework instance). Is it possible?

I have tried creating a new suite, specifying new Target URL, and using "Based on".  This copied all test cases, but those are left with original URLs. I hoped that when I run the suite - it will replace server URL, but it looks like they were run on dev. I have searched usages of the field in code, and it seems that the only purpose of test suite Target URL is to be shown as the default on new test creation. Would be good to be able to specify relative URLs for test cases, and let them use suite's target URL as a base.

Another option I was considering is export to Excel - then use "replace all" to change domain - then import back. I tried this, but it didn't update anything. And how about changing not only the domain, but also the test suite itself (e.g. export Test suite 1, and change everything to be Test suite 2) - how many fields need to be changed?

I also don't want to loose original (dev) configuration for several reasons. One of them is that we don't have Test framework or OpenDoc on target environment (due to AOs limitation), which means I will not be able to discover tests there. I can only discover them in dev and then copy. And this will be needed to be done time to time. Another reason is that it can be useful to run them in dev anyway.

But, if there is no way to copy, switching it (and then possibly switching back if needed) would also be a solution.

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Hi Igor,

The BasedOn feature won't work across domains that way. However, you should be able to open each step of the new suite, change the URLs and update the step. That should answer your needs. In any case, a review on the BasedOn feature is already on our backlog.

The import/export feature is/should be the right approach for what you're trying to do and it should work just fine the way you described. Nevertheless, we'll review it to make sure it's working properly and get back to you soon.

The TestFramework is under a big refactoring, which started a few releases ago. Please bear with us as we work on improving it and its users experience and thanks for your suggestions!


The TestFramework team