Python Tornado with Outsytems Apps
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Traditional Web, Reactive

Hello, I am developing an application to communicate with a presenter server which uses the Tornado Python web app framework. It occurs to me that the design of my application should be in html and css in order to be able to use html views. Does the platform have support for MVC? Since I have limited background, can someone please help out with how I can proceed with my application?


Hi Leen,

I think you already posted another question around the same problem.

If you build a web application with OutSystems, you have to host and run it form an OutSystems environment.

Normally backend and frontend is developed in OutSystems.

If you have another platform you use for your front-end, then in OutSystems you could still develop the backend and have develop one ore more API's to expose the backend functionality, that than can be consumed in your other development tool.

The other way around, if you want to use OutSystems as a front end, with another framework like Python Tornado as backend, then your Python solution needs to expose web services that OutSystems front end can consume.

Out of curiosity, why are you using OutSystems together with Python Tornado?



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