Preciso apresnetar uma determinada Entidade no Formulario em forma de Checkbox
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Traditional Web
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11.10.0 (Build 34712)

Tenho hum formulario para registar Campanhas de Vacinação, aonde Preciso delecionar como Vacinas Que estao cadastradas no Sistema, Preciso selecionar Os Enfermeiros Cadastrados.

Quero susbistituir os Dropdow pelos checkbox que vem das entidades do banco de dados

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Hello Manual,

Would you be so kind and translate your question in English. The language on the forum is English so that all.commubity members.from.over the world can communicate.



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Hi Manuel,

I am agree with Daniel's reply, i am not able to understand your question and i tried to translate your language on google, but we cannot trust on its translation fully :P.

It would be better if you can edit your post in english language, so that everyone should be able to understand and provide you a desired solution :)

I have a form to register Vaccination Campaigns, where I need to select the Vaccines That are registered in the System,

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Hello Manuel,

Hope you're doing well.

If you want to access the data / information that is stored in the Database, you'll need to use an Aggregate or SQL widget to fetch this data.

In your screen's Preparation, you need to fetch this data, like the example below:

If your entities are stored in another module, you'll need to set their Public property with the value Yes, so you can add them as a dependency in your module:

After, you just need to use the List returned from your Aggregate / SQL in your Dropdown widget:

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Hi Manuel,

Based on your  'how do I select more than one item? and what is the logic to write to the database?' this question, Why don't you try using ListBox widget which is already built in for traditional web apps? It will allow you to select more than one item from the list of available values.

You can find the documentation for use of this widget in the below link.


Hope it helps!! Thanks and Happy coding :)