[Time Zone] what will be the value for Destination Time Zone
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Published on 15 Oct 2020
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i am trying to convert IST time Zone to CST time.i am using "ConvertFromTimeZone".In this action we need 4 parameters.In Source timezone parameter we are passing value with help 0f "GetCurrentTimeZone" standardName but what will be value of DesinationTimeZone parameter?i am not able to find documentation.

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Hello Arkyadeep Bharadwaj

I recommend you to explore the TimeZoneConversion screen that comes along with the UI module of this component, you will understand better how this component works. 

SourceTimeZone and DestinationTimeZone are indeed text inputs, they work as identifiers for each specific timezone.

For the case that you are dealing, the SourceTimeZone is "India Standard Time" and the DestinationTimeZone is "Central Standard Time". Have you tried that?

Hope this helps to solve your problem. 

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Paulo Zacarias

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Hi @Arkyadeep Bharadwaj there is a demo application attached with this component.
What you can do is publish that module and debug it using your required convert to and from value selected in the dropdown.
You shall get all the values for CST and then you can use the same in your code.

Anagha Chikate

thanks for your reply but its already resolved. :)