[Reactive] [Bug?] Dropdown single option


I created a dropdown based on a list. I only need to use a list of text, but that doesn't work in practise. The 'Options text value' can't be the same as the value I need to fill. Strangest thing: I can't put in a literal text there and the dropdown 'works' , but I only see the literal text.

Where can I put in a bug report?


Hi Joost.

I think this is how dropdown is supposed to work, you only see in the dropdown, what is in the Options Text property, and the Options Value is not shown on the dropdown, it is sent to the server when you submit your data.

Even if the Service Studio doesn't show you the Value to select in the Options Text property, you can manually type it.

You can also concatenate "Fixed text " + Value

Hope this helps.