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I'm new in Azure login and facing some errors. Could you advise the parameter is it correct ? 


The Error is blank.

My configuration is : 

1. Clientid -  is it "Application (client)ID" ?

2. ClientSecret - is it Client Secrets ID or Client Secrets Value ?

3. HomePageURL - is it "Application ID URI" ?

4. Resource - Login with Microsoft use "https://graph.windows.net" ?

5. Scope - i found default "user_impersonation", is it optional for login only ?

Hi Wilson,

I'm not sure where you fill in all these values. But let's assume it's from the action GetOauth2AuthenticationURL in combination with the Microsoft Login Connector Management application:

1. Yes

2. It's the value. You create this one under "Certificates & Secrets" in the Azure App Registrations.

3. Can you specify where you fill in this value?

4. You can add a default API resources for which the token should also be valid (so not only for authentication but also for authorisation). The default is the the Microsoft Graph as far as I know.

5. This is not anything your should need to fill in since this is prefilled for you (only one value is allows for our type of login as far as I know). 



Hi Vincent, 

It works finally, Thanks

May i know where can i check the password valid or not ?

Hi Wilson,

If you mean the Client Secret then I can assure you that you would not be able to authenticate if this was wrong. If you mean something else then please clarify your question.



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