When I export a table to excel the resulting file is an aspx file.  What is going on with the export function?
Hi Larry, and welcome to the OutSystems forums.

After you use the RecordListToExcel node, you should use the download node to download the Excel file.

I hope this helps.

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Paulo Tavares

That is exactly what i did.  Should be straight forward.  the attached file is what was exported, it is an aspx file not an xls file. 

Ok, I figured it out.  Had nothing to do with the agile platform but with a 3rd party download accelerator program I was using.  For some reason it would change the file format in to aspx.  Turned it off and all is working fine.  Thanks.
Hi Larry,

Thanks for letting us know about it! If you'd like to share the download accelerator name, it could come in handy should someone else bump into the same problem.

Good work!


Paulo Tavares
The program name is Download Accelerator Plus.