undeclared on blur issue
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When I enter some number into my Input field; on it's blur event [which I didn't trigger] the input widget become EMPTY. This happens when I click on the LINK to display that section. On second try it works fine but why it is  cleaning my input value I don't understand.

Sorry can't share the OML

App Type : Reactive Web App

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Hi Steave,

Whatever i understood from your comment is that you have a link which shows input when you clicked on it and on entering number into that input, it is becoming empty. Please make me correct if i understood it wrong.

Please confirm what is the data type for this input or you can share other sample oml reproducing the same issue only?


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Hi Shingo,

  • the variable bind to the input is the input parameter of the block : done this.
  • anything changes in the OnParameterChanged event : Not Used anywhere

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Hi Steave,
- Are you using any extended property on that Input like onChange?
- Are you showing the Input UI from a web block on a screen, Like when click on link it shows/hide the UI?
- Can you try to create a sample POC for this & share the OML.


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Hi Steave,

Try to create a sample oml generating the scenario you have in your application reproducing the same problem.

Without oml, it will be difficult to figure out what is exactly going wrong.

Thanks and Happy Coding :)