Configure multiple authentication sources to work simultaneously
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We have a requirement to integrate Outsystems End User Authentication with two separate source of "active directory" or "Azure AD".   There are internal users from two business communities and they are maintained in separate AD.

Is it possible to achieve in Outsystems? If yes, is there a documentation available?

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While Abediel's answer is correct, it's only half of the story. You can have multiple trusted sources from where you accept users, these are then mapped to users in OutSystems user provider.

In case of Azure AD, there are existing Oauth2, SAML or ADAL/MSAL based solutions packaged as Forge modules. These modules are usually pretty well documented, and I'd also see the documentation available from Microsoft related to your chosen authentication mechanism (oauth2, saml). In a nutshell, only requirement to make this happen is that user from each business community you mentioned needs to have some globally unique piece of identifier information, which can be used to connect him/her to OutSystems user.