Calculated Fields not importing from Excel

Calculated Fields not importing from Excel

Hello, I'm new to this system.  I have two quick questions about Importing from Excel:
1. How do I get the calcuated fields to import?
2. How do I maintain formating from my Excel table (Currency fields, percentage fields)
Hi Bryon,

Welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Regarding the two questions you're posing, let me try to answer them the best way.

1 - Our Excel import feature does not import formulas, it only imports the values of the cells. If you want to keep the formulas, you can implement them in Service Studio actions, since that's the best way to maintain and evolve business logic, instead of having it in Excel formulas and macros. Another alternative is to rely on third-party (paid) components which you can use to read and execute the formulas in runtime, such as those in or . We are not endorsing these components, though - we are just mentioning them because there have been past experiences successfully integrating with these components.

2 - Regarding the formatting, as I mentioned, Service Studio tries to automatically detect the data type it is importing - text, integer, decimal, date, time. If, however, you need to refine its data type, you can change its data type in the Entity Attribute's properties. Note that the "%" sign and the currency sign "$" or "€" (or any other) is not stored in the data table. If you wish to display it when listing the data, you should place it there.

I hope this answers your questions. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have further questions, or if this helped.


Paulo Tavares