Difference between OutSystemUI and OutSystemsUIWeb
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I am new to OutSystems and I'm exploring and learning a lot.

I'm having some difficulties understanding the difference between OutSystemUI and OutSystemsUIWeb. They seem very identical.


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Hello Tiago,

First of all, welcome to OutSystems and to the Community :)

In OutSystems, you have 3 types of applications: Traditional Web, Reactive Web and Mobile.

Each of them has its own programming concept. Traditional Web Applications run only server-side while Reactive Web and Mobile Applications run client-side and server-side.

Responding to your question, both OutSystemsUI and OutSystemsUIWeb are libraries containing several UI widgets / patterns that you may use in your applications.

The main difference between them is that OutSystemsUI is designed for Reactive Web and Mobile Applications:

While OutSystemsUIWeb is designed for Traditional Web Applications:

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Hi Tiago,

Hope you understood the difference between OutsystemsUI and OutsystemsUIWeb from Rui's comment .

I'm providing some more info with you about these in below:

OutsystemsUI (For Reactive and Mobile applications ) : OutSystems UI Mobile Framework offers you different patterns that you can drag and drop to the screen for a great reactive web and mobile experience. https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Patterns/Using_Mobile_and_Reactive_Patterns

OutsystemsUIWeb (For Traditional Web applications) OutSystems Web UI Framework has different patterns that you can implement in Screens by drag and drop. They provide a solid user experience and can be additionally customized by CSS. https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Patterns/Using_Traditional_Web_Patterns

Thanks and Happy Learning!!