[Case Management framework] Is there a way to reduce number of AOs consumed by CM Framework?
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Case management framework consumes 101 AOs

This makes it fairly unusable in a limited-AO environment.

We are only using a few features of the framework.

Any tips on how we can reduce the AO consumption to make it fit our platform?

Hi Hanno,

Unfortunately the CMf is delivered as a single package and can't be broken up into smaller items, non-related items. There are no plans to make this available in smaller packages depending on the specific features to be used.

Best regards,

Paulo Sebastião

We are running into the same problem. 120 AO is a huge hurdle to take especially if you like to attract new customers with limited AO doing a combination of BPT and CMf. Customers understand CMf to be a essential part of the product.

I feel this is a show stopper for project ideas in this field. 

Hi @Paulo Sebastião, new insights yet about this topic? 
I've just installed the latest solution of the CMf; 120 AO's.
Is there a possibility to get a limited solution or a subset of components that we could use?
@Hanno how did you handled this problem?

Best regards, Luuk van Laarhoven, Whyellow, the Netherlands.

@Sezen de Bruijn, during last Instep-meeting in the Netherlands we discussed this topic. Do you have new insights about the consuming AO's while using CMf? BR, Luuk

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