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In reactive web application, I need to update my table records using add and edit functions. How can we call same client action for both functions. I am adding/ editing the data in popup.

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Hello Kavya,

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You may call the same Client Action and receive an ID (Table Identifier) as an Input Parameter.

Then if your ID is equal NullIdentifier(), it means that you're creating/adding a new record to your database.

On the other hand, if your ID is not null, it means that you're updating/editing the record with that ID in the database.

Inside of your client action, you should call a Server Action where you use CreateOrUpdate<Entity> action, in order to create or update your record.

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Rui Barradas

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Hi kavya,

You can use CreateOrUpdateFuncion:

if your id is null, a new record will be created, otherwise it will be edited.

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